The Frequency of take out Food in Todays Society

I have an interesting spin on this issue. When I was growing up… My mother made very delicious meals. My grandfather made delicious meals, as well. My mother was taught how to cook by my grandfather and enjoyed it. However, she never passed this important piece of adulthood knowledge to ANY of her offspring… With the exceptions of cakes and chocolate chip cookies.

I enjoy cooking… However, I’m not all that experienced with it. I started teaching myself how to cook when I became pregnant with my first child because eating healthy became very important to me. I noticed that it was increasingly difficult to cook when I was tired… But instead of always opting for fast food… I developed cheat methods to make cooking easier-like boiling veggies and pasta together (to save dishes needed to cook later), making many of my pasta dishes more like stove top casseroles. I also find that I think a lot differently from the average person. I’ve been told I think outside the box… But then, again, I also HAD to because for a few years there, I only made $6k. That’s right!

I think your average person might benefit from being severely poor. If you have a TOTAL of $200 to spend on food in a month… You don’t have the luxury of restaurants of any kind. Not even fast food. We used the dollar menu like a special treat. It wasn’t very often, either.

It may have been very different if I didn’t care about my family’s health, had more money, and didn’t know how to cook. I’d be willing to bet I’d be one of those fast-food junkies. It’s easier, faster, and makes for happier kids because they get to have whatever they want.

Well-my kids are skinny. Not too skinny… Just not overweight. Do you how strange that is, these days? Most kids are fat. So are most parents. I’m actually on the pudgy side… But it doesn’t TOUCH the rears of the people I see walking down the street. And hey, I can still WALK, even. I go to the gym. That’s right-I USE my membership-am physically able to go and work out at the gym on a regular basis!

I highly doubt that the frequency of dining out will decrease. I know people that eat crap every night. Either fast food, tv dinners, or ramen.

Just think about how much better the world would FEEL if we didn’t rely so heavily on fast food. We could spend quality time with our children teaching them how to cook-preparing them for adulthood.

Think about how much patience your children would have waiting for their dinner, knowing that a good meal takes time. They’d be less selfish because they would see how hard you worked on their dinner.

Think about how much cheaper healthcare would be if so many people weren’t getting gastric by-pass surgeries on the insurance dollar or from medicare.

Think about how much savings we’d have from spending less on food and devoting more money to our futures.

And also-think about how it USED to be… Wasn’t it SO MUCH NICER to live when we were kids?