Do you Prefer Fast Food or Home Cooking

Although home cooking seems to be falling by the wayside, I believe – and most likely so does the rest of the world – that home cooking is better. Here are a few reasons to back up my theory.

* It’s tastier: Only in my own kitchen can I create the most succulent dishes with the spices I desire. A fast food chain can never touch the works that I create. They don’t have the time! It’s supposed to be fast, you know!

* It’s got better ingredients: I buy a lot of fresh produce and finer cuts of meat for special dishes. Even a cheaper cut of fresh meat tends to taste better than the tripe fast food chains shove down my throat. I don’t use cottonseed oil in my cooking…And why would I? You’re not supposed to eat cotton! Even when I’m cooking a dish with low calories, my ingredients make my meal, usually. Better ingredients make for better cooking.

* Last, but certainly not least, cooking at home is a hell of a lot healthier than fast food! I’d go as far as to say 10 times better. But I’m no scientist and I’ve never studied the subject, so I probably shouldn’t be quoted anywhere for that comment. If anyone has ever seen “Super-Size Me,” they’ll be able to note how many preservatives were in those fries. Also, take a look at nutritional contents next time you go to get fast food…You might just opt for a salad.

There is a major problem with people in the U.S. eating too much at fast food restaurants. Their obvious convenience at the end of a hard working day is most likely to blame for this. I implore anyone that values health – and money, too (that stuff isn’t cheap if you eat it too much) to invest some time looking around online for recipes that are low prep and low maintenance. You’d be surprised how many tasty dishes are healthy, quick and easy!