Food Ideas for Tailgate Parties

Hosting tailgate parties can be lots of fun if you want food, convenience, and affordability. By serving easy to eat foods, such as appetizers and miniature versions of dishes, you can have a great tailgate party that won’t break the bank.

Some food ideas for tailgate parties include:

Homemade pizza bites can be easy to make and they keep fresh for several hours. To make pizza bites, you will need some sort of bread as a base. you can buy dough (including dough for crescent rolls, pizza, etc.), or you can make your own. However, to make this tailgate party food easier to make, it’s suggested that you buy the dough instead. Then you can add toppings such as bell peppers, pepperoni, chicken, etc. Perhaps the best part about homemade pizza bites is that they are completely customizable, so you and your friends and family can have fun together before the tailgate party, too.

Buffalo wings are great even though they are a messier finger food. But, because you can make buffalo wings ahead of time, they can be a terrific finger food for tailgate parties. Use smaller sized chicken wings and drumsticks to keep each serving small. Make the buffalo sauce mild so that everyone can enjoy this appetizer. Alternatively, you can keep the buffalo sauce separate from the chicken wings and drumsticks, so that you can make a couple of sauces in differing spiciness.

If you are making blue cheese dressing for the buffalo wings, you might even pack some baby carrots and celery sticks. If you want more vegetable snacks at your next tailgate party, bring baby carrots, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, etc., as well as a small container of peanut butter and other dips.

Mini sandwiches can be another good addition to your tailgate party. Whole sandwiches might get your guests too full too fast, but miniature sandwiches will leave enough room for the other food. Try cutting the bread into fun shapes if you are having kids at the party. Use cookie cutters to cut both the bread and the cheese/sliced meat. A fun idea would be to keep the sandwich fixings in separate containers so that your guests can put their sandwiches together. Keep the mayonnaise in a separate container and don’t forget to bring the mustard and ketchup.

When you are planning your tailgate party, remember to keep it simple and keep the food convenient and inexpensive. Add a little bit more fun to your party by making the food customizable, too.