How to Make Good Choices with Fast Food

You know that Fast Food is already unhealthy. But there are many fast food restaurants that are adding more healthy choices to their menu. Let’s take a look at some healthier choices that the bigger chains offer.

McDonalds: Grilled chicken burger(without sauce), Grilled chicken tortilla, green salad, hamburger, skim milk, diet coke, their various salads without the the dressings, turkey sub(without the bacon), and apple slices. Make sure you ask for extra veggies on all burger and sandwhiches. For breakfast lovers, they usually put butter on all the breakfast sandwiches, so ask for NO butter. McDonalds is pretty good at catering to what you’d like in your order.

Wendys: Grilled chicken burger, hamburger, green salad, baked potato with no butter or sour cream, all their salads with no dressings, tangerine cup, skim milk, diet drinks.

Tim Hortons: turkey, ham, sandwiches without sauce, their soups, multigrain bagel with reduced fat cream cheese.

Burger King: Grilled chicken burger(no sauce), green salad, all diet drinks, hamburger but hold the mayo sauce(Burger King is the only fast fooid joint that puts mayo in their burgers!).

Churches chicken: Tandoori chicken, roasted chicken, mexican rice, corn with NO butter.

Subway: turkey, ham, subway club, veggie, grilled chicken sandwich with all the veggies, no sauce and no salt, chicken noodle soup, baked lays chips, diet drinks. Salads with no sauce. You can also subsitute the bun with a wrap to lower the carb content.

Let’s face it, EVERYONE loves fast food regardless. The key is to pick the healthier choices. By reducing salt, sugar and carb content you are already cutting out on alot of empty calories. Make sure you always take out the sauce and add more veggies to everything just so you know you’re at least eating the requirements for the day.

Fast food restaurants aren’t the only place where you can get fast but still healthy food choices. You can also get them in the grocery aisle. Frozen foods, or microwave dinners are the easiest to access in a grocery food chain. But here are some choices that will make your life a little healtier.

Lean Cuisine microwavable dinners: Great choices, real meat, low in fat and calories, fresh looking veggies. Some are high in sodium and sugar content, stay away from any dinners with a ‘honey glazed’ or a ‘sweet n sour’.

Presidents Choice Blue Menu Microwaveable dinners: By far the best selection and tastes the freshest. Real chunky meat and veggies. Awesome variety, low in sodium, calories, sugar but high in taste and fibre! They even have the classics like macoroni and cheese, shepards pie, and butter chicken in low fat version!

Presidents Choice Blue Menu pizzas: Made with whole wheat thin crust, these pizzaz boast nutritional value and taste. Not only low in calories but it’s made with whole wheat which is also high in fibre!

Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice your taste buds for healthy food all the time. It’s okay to cheat and have fast food once in a while. But make that choice worth while by choosing items that are healthier. At the end of the day, your stomach and your health will THANK YOU!