Thank you, Glenn Mull

On Monday evening at 5:00pm, a small plane crashed into a patch of grass directly beside the YMCA where I worked.

This is literally minutes away from our house and in the very center of our Bellevue Community. No one on the ground was injured; however, the four passengers did not survive. Over the last few days, information has been released about the incident. The passengers were all from one Kansas family: the pilot’s name was Glenn Mull and his three passengers were his wife, daughter, and granddaughter. They were visiting Nashville for a convention at Opryland.

As tragic as this story is, if it were not for Glenn’s heroic last second efforts, it could have been much, much worse. Witnesses and analysts are saying that the plane made a sharp maneuver to the right as it was barreling downward, seconds from hitting the ground. This maneuver caused the plane to just barely miss the YMCA building – pictures show wreckage literally leaning against the cinderblock wall of our pool.

Over the past few days, Glenn and his family continue to cross my mind and sadness fills my heart for their shortened lives and those they’ve left behind. But at the same time I can’t deny a feeling of gratitude because I also picture the many faces of friends, coworkers and their families that were inside the YMCA or at our Kroger’s during the busiest time of the day. I can’t imagine the fear Glenn was feeling as the ground grew closer, but I also can’t imagine what strength he possessed to see the crowded parking lots beneath him and find the one patch of grass that would spare every life in harm’s way.

While sometimes it’s hard to put feelings into words, this mother from Bellevue found a beautiful way to express what I believe everyone in our community is feeling.

A tragedy like this reminds one just how precious life is so please hug your loved ones extra tight today and send a prayer up for Glenn, his family, and those grieving.