The Issue of Aging and an Enlarged Prostate Gland

Aging is a natural part of life. As the minutes tick by, these minutes will end up turning into weeks, months and years. As we age, our bodies undergo a number of changes that affect our metabolism, our eyesight, our hearing any other aspects of our body. Sometimes these changes can be severe and other times they can be benign. In some instances, the changes can be somewhat confusing if we do not understand the root causes of the underlying problem that may be the result of aging.

This can be further complicated if we do not realize that the underlying medical problem is a direct result of the aging process. That is to say, the person may notice that something is wrong, but has no idea WHY something is wrong. The person may end up panicking over a condition that is, in reality, a thoroughly benign condition. Such can be the case with an enlarged prostrate gland.

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What is an Enlarged Prostrate Gland?

An enlarged prostrate gland is pretty much self explanatory. When a person ages, the size of the prostrate gland will grow beyond its normal size. This is not necessarily a serious condition and, in most cases, it is a benign condition that is the normal result of the aging process. However, it does have a number of side effects that can be somewhat troubling.

Side Effects of an Enlarged Prostrate

One of the most common side effects of an enlarged prostrate gland is difficulty with urination. The reason for this is that as the size of the prostrate gland expands, it starts to press against the urinary track. When this occurs, there is a minor blockage that ensues and this restricts the flow of urine. Additionally, it can cause frequency in the need to urinate as well as causing a difficulty in completely stopping urination.

Again, this is not a dangerous condition to have, but it is a very uncomfortable one and needs to be addressed. If the condition worsens and becomes incredibly difficult to deal with, then seeking the help of a qualified physician will be necessary. The treatment for this will usually involve medication therapy although surgeries are not uncommon, albeit rare.

Once again, an enlarged prostrate is not a serious condition, but it is one that can negatively affect the quality of an individual’s life. Because of this, it becomes important to seek proper treatment when symptoms of the condition occur.